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February 22, 2018

Nature Center Engagement Session

When I first met Christina she was interested in some dresses I was selling for her flower girls. When she came over and we met for the first time we just connected. She was so sweet and then found out I did photography and was super excited they booked me for their wedding.
We started off with their engagement session and actually Chris the groom to be had found this location for us to do our session at. Kudos to Chris because this is one cool location to shoot at. We had so much fun getting to know each other and exploring the location.
Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0018.jpg

Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0019.jpg
Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0020.jpg

Christina had envisioned this shot with her sitting in the tree and it was so sweet and sincere.
Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0021.jpg

I love to photography engagement sessions and show off the brides ring. It makes you feel official when you have a beautiful ring placed on your finger that you are now more than a girlfriend.
Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0022.jpg

Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0023.jpg

They nailed all the poses that we did and made them their own.
Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0024.jpg

The color of dress she chose went so beautiful with the backdrop we could not have gotten any luckier than we did. Just the right amount of color to brighten this beautiful spot in San Dimas,.Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0025.jpg

Here is Christina and Chris who are super excited for their Memorial Weekend Wedidng coming up rather quickly.Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0026.jpg

Winter White End of Year Lavish Wedding_0027.jpg

If you look closely you will see the beautiful stream with rocks that ran down below from us and we had to go and check it out. This couple was so trusting in all my ideas and poses and were so natural in front of my camera. I am super excited to get to photograph their beautiful wedding in May.

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