Joshua Tree Engagement Photographer

March 26, 2020

Joshua Tree Engagement Session

I had met Lindsey online thru Facebook and we hit it off instantly. We had been planning where to photograph their engagement session here in California, since they had photos taken in Ohio, which is Tyler’s home state. This is also where the wedding was to take place.  So off to Joshua Tree we went one morning. We stayed out there for most of the day and explored and went all over. We went to Jumbo Rocks Campground, Cholla Catcus Garden ( This cactus is also called the Jumping Cactus because individual pods will detach when a passerby brushes against. I was the passerby) , Skull Rock, and then finished our session at Hemingway.

Walk hand in hand and bump hips with each other

walk hand in hand and bump hips with each other


The gorgeous couple Lindsey and Tyler

Hold hands and face me ..

Mrs. Hawk jean jacket for the bride to be

Bride to be wearing a jean jacket

I have so much fun with my couples

Give her a little dip and place your arms around her in an embrace.

Give the love of your life an embrace

Joshua Tree is no doubt a great place for adventure

laying on rocks

laying on some rocks

A little exploring at Jumbo Rocks Campground

A little exploring at Jumbo Rocks Campground


We love to go explore together

Dress by Lulus

Dress by Lulu’s

Will You Marry Me?

Will you Marry Me?

We traveled and explored all over Joshua Tree national park for the day. It was a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze. If you are wanting photographs taken in Joshua Tree National Park be sure you obtain a permit to shoot there. Please contact the Special Park Use Coordinator, Jeannie Wilson, at (760) 367-5518 or


Dance under the Joshua TreeAnd the two danced all day under the Joshua Tree to the beat of their own drum~
Black and white
Groom to be
Sunset under the Joshua Treeinstagram
Jumbo Rock Campground

Catcus garden areaA little picnic with just each other… in the Cholla Catcus
Let's play in the catcus
Love is a HighwayWe had to stop and get our traditional Highway photos…
walking off into the sunsetWorking with the two was the most fun I have had in the desert.. I will definetly be going back soon. Who wants to have their session here with me? 


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  1. Abbi Hearne says:

    Oh man, I love Joshua Tree so much! This session is stunning.

  2. Kailee says:

    So sweet and fun!! Awesome that they got to adventure so much!!

  3. Grace says:

    I always feel like shooting in full sun is so challenging but you do it so well. What a fun location to explore too!

  4. Lauren Casino says:

    Joshua Tree looks so unique and beautiful! This session is stunning, and I love their outfits!

  5. Such a beautiful location! This session is so stunning! (They’ve got a great sense of style, too!)

  6. Jordyn says:

    I love Joshua trees! Such a beautiful session. Great work 🙂

  7. Victoria says:

    Her outfits are amazing.

  8. Jennifer says:


  9. Mary Kate Anthony says:

    These are really beautiful! Fantastic job!!

  10. AWWWW. JTree has my heart forever. What a beautiful and eerie location (in a great way!) I’ve never been there to shoot, just for climbing but would love to shoot there someday! These photos are great, and they look so so happy!! I bet he’s burning up in that suit though!! What a great set of images.

  11. Jen says:

    Such a beautiful setting! Such a gorgeous couple too!