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January 9, 2021

Victoria Beach SoCal Beach Session

Southern California Beach Session…by Mindy Tanimoto Photography

It was the most beautiful morning that you can imagine living here in the Orange County and having the beach as a backdrop to your photo session. I love to be at the beach any chance I get. so I jumped at the chance to be able to do this session before this gorgeous family leaves to another country. You may recognize her on Instagram as she is a popular blogger, check it out here. Blogger


A mother’s love is not measurable, because there is nothing she would not do for her child. by Mindy Tanimoto


When you stroll on the beach with your love in hand you are the happiest ever. I am now booking beach sessions for the 2021 year. Inquire at If you have ever wanted to do a beach session now is the best time. The lighting is softer in the winter time. Their is less people on the beach so your images will be people free.

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